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Who We Are

North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT) is a dedicated deep-water coal export terminal with a nameplate capacity of 50 million tonnes per annum.

The terminal was constructed as a dedicated deep-water coal export terminal by the Queensland Government and commissioned in 1984. The NQXT Terminal is owned by the Queensland Government's North Queensland Bulk Ports, and leased by NQXT under a 99-year leasehold which was acquired in June 2011. NQXT has contracted Abbot Point Operations to manage the operations of the terminal.

The terminal is located in the Port of Abbot Point, approximately 25 km north of Bowen, in North Queensland on Australia’s east coast. The Port of Abbot Point includes Australia’s northernmost resource terminal and is one of only three major resource ports located within 200 km of the Bowen Basin, which is one of Australia’s major resource provinces.

The Queensland Sustainable Ports Development Act of 2015 (SPDA) declared the Port of Abbot Point as both a Strategic Port and a Priority Port Development Area (PPDA). A Strategic Port is considered by the State of Queensland to be an essential component of the national and state transport network and supply chain.

The SPDA looks to optimise the use of existing infrastructure and address operational, economic, and environmental relationships. The State of Queensland concentrating activity to the PPDAs will ensure these ports are adequately supported by landside and seaside supply chains.