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Statement on illegal protest activity at North Queensland Export Terminal

2nd November 2021

The following statement can be attributed to a spokesperson from our port operator, Abbot Point Operations:

“This morning two anti-coal activists could have been killed or seriously injured when they trespassed on North Queensland Export Terminal property, tripped our conveyor belt system and locked onto a ship-loading conveyor belt using ‘dragon sleeve’ devices.

“This is a dangerous device which sees anti-coal activists lock their arms into cables within two welded metal pipes. Police were forced to cut them out of the dragon sleeves and off the conveyor belt.

“Just last week these same individuals carried out a similar, dangerous protest at Hay Point Terminal. Everyone has the right to express their opinion, provided they are doing so in a way that is legal, safe and does not put themselves, our employees or community members in harm’s way. Today’s actions by these anti-coal activists were not legal or safe for themselves or anyone around them.

“All operations at North Queensland Export Terminal recommenced at 7.30am.”